Coaching values (IN ENGLISH)

Coaching values (IN ENGLISH)

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Help your clients identify their key values and agree clear goals with this complete toolkit for coaching values – both personal and professional. It also includes a simple step by step guide to use in your coaching sessions.

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Coaching values (IN ENGLISH)


This 16 page coaching values e-book provides a complete toolkit for coaching both professional and personal values. It will quickly give you a solid grounding in the subject and the simple step by step process can be used when coaching others or for your own self development.


We know values play a crucial role in coaching, because they are an attitude or behavior that is deemed important. French psychiatrist Jean Cottraux defines them as solid beliefs that show that some goals in life are preferable to others.

This e-book clearly explains what values are and then takes you through a carefully developed step by step process to help your clients identify 20 values from the list of over 100, then prioritize and clarify them. Identifying values in this way can help with any goal setting and any projects that allow values to be expressed.

When coaching professional and personal values, it is important they are selected values based on honesty and openness. This is an essential step in order to make sure you are working from a solid base. It is important to stress to the individual or group you are coaching, that their values should be chosen regardless of what anyone (including you) will think of them.




1. Understanding values:
     What is a value?
     Living in accordance with your values
     We are our values
     Values can be lost by needs, a sense of duty and problems
     Delivering a real sense of achievement with value-based goals
     Benefits of focusing on our values
     Key takeaways
     Key questions before you start


2. Identify your values:
     Prioritizing your values
     Clarifying your values
     Thinking about your values
     Waking the walk
     Identify a project based on your values
     Reorganizing your life based on values


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